Saturday, 6 June 2015

Parenting capacity for love, hope and spirituality: what next ?

Govan Fair Parade yesterday: travelling with hope, no doubt
"SCOTLAND’S controversial state guardians should target parents who do not show enough "love, hope and spirituality" to their children, claims a senior government adviser..."

"His comments have horrified opponents of the "crazy" drive to appoint a named person for every under-18."

"The laws are due to come into force in August next year, although most councils have already put the state guardians in place. At the moment, each child is judged against a set of markers designed to test their wellbeing..."

"Mr Fraser, who has the title Getting it Right for Every Child health adviser in the Better Life Chances unit, outlined the latest thinking at an NHS conference in Edinburgh."

"He told delegates: "It’s about linking positive well-being and positive outcomes for all children. Not just the usual suspects, not just those we identify as those in need."

This reminds me of  the Take Time for a Story event to encourage parents to read to their children to improve literacy, attachment and brain development.

Read more about the Take Time to Read event

And research such as that in South Lanarkshire Council which will explore the impact of training programmes for Education staff on attachment theory and practice; so teachers can become psychotherapeutic interventionists.

A lot of ideas are being conflated:  love, hope, spirituality, literacy, attachment and brain development which are all related to finding fault with parents.

Ready for the roll out of parental indoctrination programmes in August next year, without opt out.

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