Thursday, 18 June 2015

Minecraft: game or solution ?

The Guardian has been trying to find new ways to discuss and report on climate change. "We have to constantly be reinventing our storytelling capacity," says George Monbiot . He concluded that one possible answer to the problem may be Climate Hope City, the popular Minecraft game.

`Watts up with that` believes the game cannot match reality and some of the comments after his latest post are hilarious.
The Minecraft virtual world is a fantastic place to explore your creative skills, it is very popular with children and many adults. As a technical geek, I’m a fan of virtual reality. But like all virtual realities, the Minecraft implementation of real world physics is somewhat incomplete. The Minecraft constructions are fantasies, nothing more.
Children can have fun with Minecraft but it is a virtual world they are having fun with and the activity itself can cut them off from more hands on experiences. It is well to remember that the creative technological geniuses of the internet age took great care to protect their own children from technology. I think that tells us something.
He may have been dubbed "the master evangelist of the digital age", but even the late Steve Jobs worried about the effect that technology has on children.
While he persuaded millions that Apple’s chic but pricey gadgets were a must-buy, turning the company from a basket case to a global powerhouse, he prevented his own children from using iPads and limited their access to the internet generally..

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