Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Food charities expect a spike in demand during summer

"Food charities across Britain are bracing themselves for what could be their busiest summer yet, as rising childcare costs, low wages and the fallout from the Government’s welfare reforms mean more children than ever risk going hungry."

"Last summer, the Trussell Trust had 20,000 more referrals to its food banks, compared with the previous three months of that year. The economic recovery is not making the problem go away. The charity fed 585,229 people in the six months to March 2015, up 7 per cent from the same period a year earlier."

"The summer holidays are often the toughest time for families on the breadline because of the need to find money for meals that are no longer provided by school, as well as for childcare. Now low pay, stringent benefit sanctions, cuts and delays to benefits, and soaring childcare costs, are contributing to rising numbers seeking help."

"David McAuley, chief executive of the Trussell Trust, said: "Holiday hunger is a growing cause for concern and an issue we are taking seriously. Last summer saw a big spike in demand as food banks had to feed 20,000 more people than the previous quarter."

"We expect an increase in need, particularly towards the end of summer as this is often when budgets are particularly stretched. Low income and benefit delays remain major causes of clients referred for emergency food banks."

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