Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Jonas`s parents to petition the Prime Minister

According to the Telegraph article, Jonas Stadden’s parents were left 'numb with grief’ after their request for an inquest into the death of their four year old son was refused.

Researching Reform provides an update which includes the petition being made to David Cameron. The background to this case is truly horrendous.

"It was a terrible case, which highlighted less than satisfactory social work practice, and the death of a toddler with Down’s Syndrome called Jonas whilst in care. Tomorrow will be an important day not just for Jonas’s parents, but the social work sector and family justice system too as campaigners and activists meet David Cameron at Downing Street to hand over a petition demanding a full inquiry into this little boy’s death."

"The petition will be handed to David Cameron tomorrow, 18th June, 2015, at 3.30pm."

Jonas Stadden, who suffered with Down’s Syndrome until his untimely death last year, was separated from his family and sent to live with foster carers whilst going through adoption proceedings. Arriving perfectly healthy at his new home, his condition soon deteriorated, and seven months later, he collapsed and died."

"Jonas’s parents have long maintained that the subsequent witch hunt of their family, and the targeting of their son Lucas in particular, was part of an entrenched desire by social services to cover up wrongdoing – the local authority in question was already struggling with poor Ofsted ratings. Jonas’s body was also cremated almost immediately after his death, preventing the possibility of an autopsy."

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