Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Children`s files were altered

"Foster agency supervisor Malcolm Blissett, was found by police to have made alterations to files involving the children by adding punctuation and correcting grammar and spelling and also removing questions which had been put to the children, which had prompted their response, Norwich Crown Court was told."

"However the jury heard that as a result of prosecution becoming aware of the changes made to children’s statements, the trial, which was originally due to start last year, was delayed and following a police investigation only the original unaltered files had been used as part of the prosecution case."

"Ten people including six women are accused of subjecting two boys and three girls in Norwich and London to sexual and physical abuse over more than a decade."

"Much of the abuse is said to have centred around Marie Black, 34, from Norwich, who denies 26 offences, including four counts of rape and two of conspiracy to rape."

"All the defendants, aged between 31 and 85, deny abusing the children, saying the allegations were concocted by Norfolk County Council’s children’s services department."

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