Tuesday, 17 March 2015

World Social Work Day in Scotland

International Federation of Social work (Europe) Conference in Edinburgh

The Guardian has provided an edited version of a speech by Rory Truel on World Social Work Day 2015.
Nearly three-quarters of the world lives without access to wider social protection (social welfare) systems, and many who do often experience disempowering systems and structures....
For social workers, the starting points are family and community structures. These have enabled people to survive against incalculable challenges throughout history. They need to be recognised as the foundation upon which all other aspects of social protection should be built....
What is important from a grassroots perspective is that social protection systems do not replace the responsibility of families and communities as the first protectors. Rather, that the social protection systems provide more than access to limited financial and medical assistance. They should become a platform for enabling people to understand their rights and learn how to democratically shape their environment for the better.
Social workers are not passive employees. We believe that social protection should be transformational, built from the real needs of all people and the realisation of all people’s rights. ..A new conception of social protection is needed . This should focus on preserving society and social relationships, promoting social integration, and making relationships among people as harmonious as possible.

Well that is the spin. Here is the reality.

The named person scheme in Scotland

A named person is to be appointed by the state for every child in Scotland who will oversee the wellbeing of each child and replace the traditional responsibility of parents.

This could not be a more disempowering system of welfare for it disables the foundation and relationships upon which society has been built.

As a consequence of the named person scheme, and following the logic of the speech, we can only expect further social disintegration and abuse of human rights.

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