Saturday, 21 March 2015

Mark and Kerry McDougall: still fighting

Kerry McDonald
Photo John Gladwin Sunday Mirror
"Proud Kerry McDougall is looking forward to the birth of her third son – but fears she may have a tough battle to keep him. Kerry, 22, deemed by social workers to be "too dumb" to be a mum, has left her home and her two young sons 200 miles away in the hope of preventing her new baby being taken into care at birth."

"She and husband Mark say leaving Sean, five and William, three, with the foster family they had been handed to was "the hardest thing".

"But Kerry added: "They’d already been taken from us. The social workers think because I can’t spell long words I’m incapable of love or caring for children. "I can’t describe how it feels to know your children are somewhere else and are unhappy. I just have to trust one day we’ll get them back."

"The couple fear that if they return home when their son is born they will almost certainly lose him too..."

The judge's view

"Responsibility for the care of the children has been moved by Dunfermline Sheriff Court from Fife to Dundee City Council."

"The judge ruled this was, to remove any problems which may arise from social workers being biased against the family due to historical events."

The parents' view

"We’ve never done anything to put our children at risk of cruelty or neglect. We love them and have only ever wanted the best for them. That is to be with us."

"We have been made to make a decision no parent should have to make – to chose between our two sons and our unborn baby."

"We will fight until we are back together as a family."

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