Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Robert Green: court appearance 4 March 2015

Robert Green will face his final court hearing tomorrow, 4 March 2015, at Aberdeen Sheriff court where sentencing will be carried out.

Will he be returned to prison?

Will he be gagged from speaking out about the sexual abuse of Hollie Greig?

Will his computer and documents be confiscated?


Update 4.3.2015

"With a profoundly happy heart I’m able to report that Robert is to all intents and purposes FREE, that is to say not back in jail and not any more on bail although apparently he’s not quite off the hook. I don’t know the details however, not having been able to be simultaneously on a case in the Royal Courts of Justice London and 500 miles away in Aberdeen on the same day (London won in this instance). So I look forward to receiving a report from David who was present this morning at the Sheriff Court in due course."

Original Article at Free Robert Green

Update 6.3.2015


250 hours of community service (over two years) and gagged for life from speaking in public about the Hollie Greig case anywhere on the  planet. This is after two periods of imprisonment and a year under `house arrest`.

Compare this to what happens to a perpetrator


  1. Start Here... Proof that Robert Green is, in many respects a liar... Hoisted by his own petard.

    For two and a half years he's been claiming Salmond has refused to answer the information commissioner... Yet; if you contact the commissioner they will tell you Salmond's office replied to him in July 2011 and that the case is closed... I urge everyone to do just that... Check the fscts, check the records... It's not hard to do.

    Then go to the first post and read the blog from the beginning.

    If Green DOES go back to jail tomorrow he will once again be entirely the author of his pwn misfortune. You cannot help somone who will not help themselves. It's really that simple. Do a little legwork and discover the REAL reason he went to jail in the first place... It's all a matter of public record.

  2. I am aware of the Hollie Greig Hoax and the efforts to discredit Robert Green which is why I put out the video where some of the evidence is explored.

    I have looked at the evidence of the `other side` and it is very weak by comparison. It comes across as a personal attack on Robert Green, Hollie and Ann Greig which I do not find persuasive.

    What is wrong with having a proper police investigation ?