Saturday, 21 March 2015

NCA reveals 745 suspects arrested

"More than 260 suspected paedophiles have been charged since the start of a major operation targeting people who access child abuse images online – and police staff, teachers and civil servants are among them."

"The National Crime Agency (NCA) revealed that 745 suspects have been arrested under Operation Notarise, which was launched just over a year ago."

"Of these, 264 were charged, including 47 who were employed in positions of trust or voluntary roles with access to children."

"The NCA said that 518 children have been "safeguarded" as a result of the operation..."

"It was also revealed that there have been 328 arrests linked to Project Spade, a Canada-led investigation into the buying and selling of child pornography..."

"The previous approach saw images judged on the basis of their severity but that has been changed so that the starting point is to assess the risk the individual who accesses the picture poses to children."

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