Thursday, 19 March 2015

Esther Rantzen claims she did not know about Jimmy Savile

"Childline founder Dame Esther Rantzen has denied that she was told about Jimmy Savile's child sex abuse in 1986 while giving evidence in a cyber stalking trial. Dame Esther today discussed allegations by child sex abuse victim and justice campaigner Shy Keenan that were printed on the front page of the Sun under the headline 'Abuse campaigner: I told Esther Rantzen about paedo Jimmy Saville 18 years ago.' "

"She said she 'would have remembered' if she had been told by Ms Keenan that Saville, Gary Glitter and Jonathan King were child abusers. If she had been told of such an 'explosive allegation' Dame Esther said she would have told her to go to the police. Dame Esther was giving evidence in the trial of Penny Mellor, 53, from Coven, Wolverhampton, who is alleged to have sent hundreds of abusive tweets to Ms Keenan."

"Ms Keenan, from Colchester, Essex, wrote a book in 2008 called Broken, where she told of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather."

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Dame Esther Rantzen has been known to alter her story.

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