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NO to the Named Person in Glasgow

The Named Person closes a gap and formulates what should be happening anyway according to Alex Cole-Hamilton in the above video. It offers a single point of contact for families who are struggling and need a little bit of support. He makes the Named Person sound harmless.

In practice things are a good deal more sinister.

David Scot talking to UK Column Live yesterday gives an example: An Aberdeen woman was informed that her 13 year old daughter was taken to see the school nurse for a chat. The little chat included questions like:

"Who do you live with? Where do your other siblings live? Do they live nearby? Do your parents work? What jobs do they do ? Do you have any pets? How many pets do you have? Do you sleep well?

"When the girl said she sleeps well the nurse, who was not the school nurse - this was a special nurse brought in for this - said: `Oh no bed wetting then !` "

"She then started asking her about menstruation and who she talks to in her family about this. She asked: `Do you feel loved and cared for? Are you listened to? Do you have a good relationship with your parents?` "

"So these are the questions coming from the Named Person legislation. These are the questions that our schoolchildren are being asked by anonymous state functionaries. The mother was told that she had in fact consented to this investigation even though she had no idea she had consented They were claiming some general consent to some programme called the CORE programme and were given permission for this. And they then tried to justify it in terms of SHANARRI, GIRFEC and all the alphabet soup of ideas that underpin it. She concludes: `I was so angry I could barely speak but I asked for a copy of the notes that had been taken and the boxes ticked during my daughter`s little chat.` "

" `Oh that`s confidential,` replied the nurse. `We have to respect your daughter`s confidentiality.` "

"She said: `This is not over by any means - I intend to get the notes and will ensure my daughter will never be subjected to this again.`"  [She may find that difficult because twelve year old children are considered Gilleck competent and can give consent themselves.]

David Scott continued: "That`s actually quite typical of how people react when they find out what this is really about. There`s going to be a lot of anger over this."

GIRFEC`s similarities to Every Child Matters

There followed some discussion about GIRFEC and its similarities to ECM (Every Child Matters) in England and Wales which was introduced by the Blair government. Although the title ECM has been dropped by the coalition government, all systems are still in place, apart from ContactPoint the database which was scrapped. These include multi-agency working, early interventions, data sharing, and a focus on wellbeing. Although they do not have a Named Person, there is little doubt that Westminster will be keeping a wary eye on Scotland to see how things work out. Meanwhile data is being scooped by and through other policies.

It is important that people realise that there is a push towards data surveillence and totalitarian state control and there is no political party seriously opposing it. Any opposition between political parties, such as it is, is a puppet show.

Public meeting in Glasgow

A public meeting was held in Glasgow on Monday 23 March 2015 at the Hilton hotel by the NO2NP group which has been going around Scotland informing people of the legislation and the judicial challenge being made by the organisation against it. As the group goes around the country, meetings are getting larger but there are still many people who have not heard of the Named Person legislation. "It was part of a much larger bill," says David Scott, "And it was not exactly well publicised. When people hear about it they are shocked."

"One chap who has a senior position in the NHS asked: `What does civil disobedience look like in this situation?`" [That is a really good question because the state has the power to remove children from families. With that threat hanging over parents, opposition might prove difficult if there are only a few families doing so. It will take large numbers.]

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