Saturday, 14 March 2015

Abuse of children in Oxford

From Christopher Booker:
Last week’s report on the wholesale abuse of children in Oxford yet again exposed the terrifying contradiction at the heart of our "child protection" system. Although the report focused only on the ordeals of six children, these were taken to be representative of nearly 370 others who, between 2004 and 2012, had been subjected to rape and abuse by Asian men. Two points emerged, as they did from the rather more forthright reports on what happened to those 1,400 similarly abused children in Rotherham.
One was that five of those six Oxford children, and presumably therefore hundreds more, were in state "care". The other was that, despite countless attempts to alert social workers and the police to what was happening, no action was taken until 2011, when seven of the much larger number of men involved were finally arrested. Nothing is more chilling about all these reports than the evidence of how these children’s repeated appeals for help were not just ignored but treated with contempt.
If this is one side of our unspeakably corrupted "child protection" system, the other, as I have been reporting here for years, is the ever-greater number of children whom those same social workers and police are only too ready to remove from their families for often wholly spurious reasons. Furthermore, as the number of children removed has risen to more than 28,000 a year in England and Wales alone, there is growing evidence that far too many of these children endure much more serious physical and emotional abuse in "care" than anything alleged to justify taking them from their families in the first place.

Most respondents to the article have jumped on the `Muslim abuse` bandwagon and have completely lost an important point of the article: that is, that there is another side to the corrupt child protection system which removes children from their families for spurious reasons.

Many would say that the child protection system has been filtering children into the hands of paedophile rings for decades. There can be no thorough child abuse inquiry without examining both sides of the child protection system.

Nevertheless It is useful to the paedophiles who are hiding in high places that some people are so easily distracted by race or religion.

In order to gain some perspective it is as well to recall that the UK Columnn has been reporting abuse of students at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College (now renamed) for a number of years which the authorities will not investigate. But there, the abusers are white and the one person at the college who tried to alert the authorities was Asian.

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