Monday, 9 March 2015

Scotland`s Adoption Register website is re-launched

According to the Scottish Government, innovations to the Adoption Register website will help to involve prospective adopters and social workers more directly in the process of finding families for some of Scotland’s most vulnerable children. This may sound innocuous but it is important to remember that most adoptions are achieved by forcibly removing parental rights. (Grandparents do not have rights.)
The website will build on the progress the register has already had in matching children and prospective adopters. The number of referrals to the register is continuing to grow and more importantly the number of confirmed matches is increasing at an accelerating pace. The milestone of 150 matches made was passed in January. By sharing information more effectively the website will make an important contribution to the process of quickly finding the right match for the children who need adoptive families.  

The reason why confirmed matches are increasing at an accelerating pace is because of the current trend towards early interventions and lower thresholds of concern. A focus on attachment theory provides pseudo-scientific justification for state interference. For instance, babies can be removed from mothers because at some point in the future they may experience emotional harm. It is an accusation that cannot be defended - publicly protest and parents will be arrested.

Adoption is a growing industry that has little to do with child protection - it targets the wrong children - and the fact that there are milestones (targets) is a give away.

The British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) sing their own praises:
BAAF is the UK’s leading charity for children separated from their birth families. We provide services to meet the needs of some of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people. BAAF Scotland was awarded ‘Excellent ’ by The Care Inspectorate across all categories. In 2014/15 BAAF helped find families for over 1,000 children across the UK through our family finding services.

BAAF`s view of excellence is not shared by members of the European Council:
"Unfortunately, some countries engage in practices which can only be labelled as abusive, even if they are well-intended. The most frequent of them are: the unwarranted complete severing of family ties, often in combination with removing children from parental care at birth, basing placement decisions on the effluxion of time and/or recourse to adoptions without parental consent."

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