Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Scottish Commissioner teaches children about their rights

Here is the website that informs children about their rights in pictures.

No doubt the friendly Named Person is there checking that everything is OK.
If you are under 12,  you can see pictures that can tell you about your rights below. If you are an adult who works with people under 12, you can use these pictures to tell them about their rights.
No mention of mothers and fathers who may wish to use these pictures to inform their children about their rights. Is that not peculiar ?
The pictures you use should always be attributed to Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People and Alex Leonard. Alex’s name and the logo of Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People are included beside all pictures and should never be separated from them.
OK, just did that.

According to this picture, parents should get the help they need to look after their children.

Here come the good guys: the agents of the state.

Indoctrination, or what?

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