Sunday, 1 March 2015

Urgent plea for Melanie Shaw

After two weeks of harassment by the police, Melanie Shaw has again been imprisoned in Sodexo run Peterborough prison where she was previously ill treated.

According to probation services Melanie has not broken her probation order, and if she had, it would not have been an imprisonable offence. There was another court hearing on Friday 27th February 2015 but the outcome is not clear.


Update published 1 Mar 2015

"Campaigners call for a full inquiry into alleged child abuse in Nottinghamshire."

"Hundreds of campaigners armed with banners and a loud speaker took to Old Market Square to call for a public inquiry into alleged sexual abuse in Nottinghamshire. The protesters, led by Mickey Summers who says he was abused in a city care home, claim evidence of abuse in Nottinghamshire has been destroyed and want to see a full investigation, led by survivors of abuse..."

"Last month police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping vowed there has been no "cover-up" over allegations of historical sexual abuse at care homes in Nottinghamshire.
Speaking at a meeting of the county’s police and crime panel, Mr Tipping also promised "no stone would be left unturned the investigations of the authorities."

"Operation Daybreak was launched in 2010 to look into alleged sexual and physical abuse by staff at five former children’s homes from the 1960's until 2000. Mr Tipping said: "There are accusations that go around the town that somehow the city and county councils, the police and others are colluding to cover up mistakes of the past.  This isn't the case at all."

See video on youtube

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