Tuesday, 3 March 2015

GCHQ will be recruiting young spies

"Students are being encouraged to go to summer school… at GCHQ."

Britain’s spy centre is offering a £2,500 bounty to attract would-be surveillance sleuths to take a ten-week course. Intelligence chiefs at the listening post are aiming to recruit a new generation of computer wizards to tackle the growing threat of cybercrime. "

"The 70 or so candidates who successfully apply for the course will be given a glimpse into the latest cyber-technologies as well as learning new skills including cyber-security and hacking... "[ethical hacking, that is !]

"The course, which will run from July 6 to September 11, is aimed at computer science students in their first or second year at university who have an interest in cyber beyond that of their studies and are skilled in at least one computer language."

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According to journalist Glenn Greenwald GCHQ is spying on the public.

Here`s the fun part:
The Government is increasingly concerned that terrorists and enemy countries could seek to mount a crippling cyber-attack to bring down Britain’s economy, energy supply and national defences at the click of a mouse.

Bringing down Britain`s economy, energy supply and national defences?  But Cameron and his coalition government have already been doing these things. For example:

Bringing down the economy

"Nearly 700,000 people are on zero-hours contracts in their main job - a rise of more than 100,000 on a year ago - according to new official figures."

Bringing down the energy supply

"The only bit of good news is that demand for electricity fell slightly in recent months – due mainly to rising fuel bills. However, if there is a severe winter and demand surges, then there is every possibility that National Grid’s contingency plans – to incentivise businesses to cut demand during peak hours and to bring mothballed gas plants back into use – would become reality, though Government would strain every sinew to maintain domestic supply."

"The obvious question is: how on earth have we got ourselves into such a parlous position? The answers are mainly political. When the electricity industry was privatised, sufficient attention wasn’t paid to the long-term question of who would generate the power which was then to be traded and sold in a competitive market."

Bringing down Britain`s defences

The Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy have all suffered cutbacks to the extent that they are no longer able to undertake the kind of missions that Britain has historically supported

Who`s the enemy ?

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