Sunday, 5 February 2017

The greatest fraud in medical history

Here is Dr Andrew Wakefield`s interview on Soundcloud talking about his film VAXXED, the CDC whistleblower Dr William Thompson and the link between the MMR vaccine and autism:
Dr William Thompson, senior scientist at the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), admitted fraud and malfeasance in the CDC especially regarding the link between neurodevelopment disorders and childhood vaccines.
"Here we have the greatest fraud in medical history and they have not brought him forward and it`s more than two years. [Compare that with the] Flint water contamination. Within a month of being exposed there was a hearing by the committee on government reform. It`s disgraceful that [Dr Thompson] has not yet come forward. There must be great pressure on him not to do it. Why? Because they know it`s the truth. But yes. Every day that he`s left not testifying, not being deposed is another day for his... colleagues to put pressure on him."

"So why isn`t congress calling on him to testify?"

"I know there`s huge pressure on them from public health, from pharma lobbyists, but here`s the thing, there comes a point by which the movie has had an impact... there is a revolt going on at the grassroots level across the country and indeed across the world. I`ve just come back from Italy where they even had to bring out the President of the Republic to defend vaccines because of the effect of VAXXED on the Italian people. There comes a point when ... if they do not address it then they become an accessory to the fraud. They have allowed it to go on for so long. So many children have been damaged in the meantime and they have done it in full and certain knowledge that they have all the information to conduct a hearing and they have not done so. And so they become part of the problem themselves. That is a political nightmare for them."

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