Saturday, 11 February 2017

School bus crash victims out of hospital

"Twenty-two children have been taken to hospital after a bus carrying more than 40 school pupils overturned in North Lanarkshire..."

"The single decker, which was coming from the Abronhill area, flipped onto its side at Dowanfield Road, next to the school..."

"In the immediate aftermath, 29 ambulance service units went to the scene, along with police and the fire service."

"Pupil Joe Smith, who was a passenger, said the vehicle appeared to experience mechanical issues in the run up to the crash."

"He told the BBC: `On one of the roundabouts, the driver had pulled his key back. I thought his engine had started to malfunction because the bus was shaking`."

"`We came to the corner and he tried to pull his key out again because we thought the bus had malfunctioned again and it started to speed up...we hit the lamp-post and then the bus toppled and fell over and unfortunately I fell on one of my friends`."

"He added: `When we were on the bus I heard people shouting and crying 'oh no, this isn't going to happen'."

"Joe said he was able to get out of the bus after the driver smashed an emergency window and a teacher ran over and began pulling pupils from the vehicle..."

"The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said three fire engines had attended and a small fire in the engine compartment of the bus had been extinguished..."

"Councillor Frank McNally, convener of education at North Lanarkshire Council, said a full investigation would be carried out into the crash."

"He said: `The emergency services were very quick on the scene`."

"`The council will be working very closely with the emergency services to undertake any necessary investigation`."

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