Monday, 6 February 2017

Alan Watt joins forces to ask: "What`s that coming over the hill?"

As some have suspected GIRFEA is the Scottish government outgrowth of GIRFEC, Getting it Right for Every Child so that the Scottish government, it would seem, is now intent on Getting it Right for Every Adult.

Broadcasting about this in Canada, Alan Watts  is incredulous that the Scottish people are allowing what he calls the fake Scottish government to get away with ramming this through. "You see, everybody`s to get managed here...  You`re all to be put into different pathways." (about 34 minutes into the broadcast)

Those of us who follow the ramifications of this policy from the Scottish government are aware that it is less about ramming it through against a protesting population and more about sneaking it in under the radar.


  1. I see that the following week he features this article from Carnegie UK :

    Carnegie and Sir John Elvidge in particular are key to much of the "wellbeing "agenda:

    I had a bit of a dig into this a while back:

    Luckily (and somewhat unusually for me!) I had the foresight to post the text of that Defence Management article over here:

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