Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Helping parents to parent

Mike Robinson: "We know what`s been going on in Scotland with the Named Person scheme but Helping Parents to Parent this is a new report from the Social Mobility Commission and the government are saying that this research is to gather evidence on parenting behaviours and the extent to which public policy can support parents."

"Public policy can have an impact on parents .. and achieve positive outcomes for children but there is currently a lack of evidence on what works and this is according to the Social Mobility Commission. They`re saying that figures show in the last decade more than 2.5 million children in England, including over 580,000 children known to be eligible for free school meals, have not reached the government`s definition of a good level of development by the age of five and by the time students receive their GCSE results around 32 percent of variation in performance can be predicted based on indicators observed at or before the age of five."

"So what they`re absolutely saying is, that what needs to happen, Brian, is that these children need to be developing properly between the age of one and five. We`ve got to go in there.  But of course between the ages of zero and five this is the time that children are being vaccinated and increasingly, well some people would say that some children respond to the vaccines they`re getting these days by perhaps ending up on the autism spectrum. Some people would also say that no child is actually getting away Scot free and perhaps we`re seeing a few points knocked off ... IQ scores as a result of this. This isn`t proven but certainly there should be research done on this but that research would certainly not be part of this report. ... This issue was not even looked at."

"So instead, what are they looking at? It`s all about parenting style and it`s all psychological. So we`re going in and we`re going to be teaching parents how to parent and never mind what medical issues there may have been."

Brian Gerrish: "Absolutely Mike but of course the moment the social services get alongside the parents there`s a grave risk those children are going to be taken away from their parents... We were told two or three years ago that in some of the primary schools in South Wales, over fifty percent of the children had special needs and the teachers were warned that they must not talk about that subject. So this is the reality of it, but of course when you have the film VAXXED coming up where there`s considerable evidence to say that vaccinations can present a danger and there should be further investigation into the safety of vaccinations then the government is absolutely turning on the originator of the report."

"And another thing I`ll say is that we know from local reports in the south west that where parents are perhaps in dire straits they`re starting to use food banks.  The food bank staff are reporting the parents to social services and then social services are coming in alongside the families on the basis that those children are suffering at the hands of the parents. So very very dangerous state intervention and of course many people in England and Wales still don`t understand what the SNP tried to get in place with the Named Person scheme in Scotland where, as one member of the Scottish parliament said, `Don`t worry.... parents will also have a role in bringing up their children`. "

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Mike Robinson: "And just before we finish on this, it wasn`t actually the Social Mobility Commission - it was their report - but the underlying research was done by an organisation called `Family, Kids and Youth` ... and they describe themselves as one of the best known children and young people`s research agencies. So this is about market research. We work for some of the leading names in child, youth and family markets. And again this language ... the word `market` in the context of children and families, I find pretty disturbing."

Brian Gerrish: "And we have of course a child based charity which itself is called Core Assets which I find pretty objectionable as well. So a market in children. That`s the way it seems.... or at least profit from children is what we start to see happening in the UK and we would say it`s on a scale which is truly breathtaking."

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