Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Army Cadet Force to be integrated with Curriculum for Excellence

Scottish Daily Mail 7 Feb 2017 Michael Blackley

"The Army is to set up cadet units in Scottish state schools for the first time, it can be revealed today. Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has told the Scottish Daily Mail that a Dumfries secondary school will be the first in the country to get a cadet unit. The UK Government wants to promote the military ethos of the Army by establishing formal partnerships in 500 state schools across Britain - mostly in deprived areas - by 2020."

"The plan has previously come under fire from the Scottish Government, which claimed it could impact on the `wellbeing` of children, while some within the SNP raised concerns that youngsters would be treated like `cannon fodder`..."

"However, the Scottish Government last night confirmed that it had worked with the Army Cadet Force to ensure a scheme specially adapted for schools north of the Border can now go ahead. A spokesman said: `Education policy and the wellbeing of children are the responsibility of the Scottish Government and Scottish parliament."

"The hosted cadet unit model is not suitable for Scottish schools as it does not contribute to the curriculum, which is why the Army Cadet Force has been working with delivery partners in Scotland to integrate with Curriculum for Excellence."

"We would expect any consequentials from additional UK funding to flow to Scotland, which would enable us to allocate additional funding to organisations, including cadet organisations, which contribute to our youth work strategy."

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