Sunday, 26 February 2017

State secrets

Robert Green is in conversation with Richie Allen and they talk about Melanie Shaw. "She is heading for two years in prison... None of the time she has already served on remand will be taken into account. Yet nobody knows what it is about."

The secrecy is the main element thinks Robert Green. It seems the state has taken action against her because she has had the courage to speak out... and she has been isolated and her mail intercepted. One way round that is to send mail to her through her MP, Chris Leslie.  Robert has succeeded in doing just that.

For those who are interested in writing to Melanie the address is:
Chris Leslie MP,
12 Regents Street,
Nottingham NG1 5BQ.

Robert then went on to talk about the Hollie Greig case and the failure of Grampian police to investigate the serious allegations of child rape involving a number of perpetrators.

He quotes Dr Boyle who was totally supportive of Hollie:
"In general the research indicates that children do not make up false stories of sexual abuse although obtaining information from children with learning difficulties is very difficult. The perpetrator in all cases has enormous motivation to deny and make accusations such as the child is lying..."
Robert reminded listeners that he had personally handed over all the relevant paperwork about the case some years ago to Alex Salmond himself before he entered the conference centre in Perth. [The video is on Youtube]  Salmond is heard to say that he would look into it, or words to that effect. It was not the first time Salmond had received this information.

Robert is convinced that the former First Minister`s colleagues, Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinney and other Scottish cabinet members  are well aware of the Hollie Greig case but they are covering it up and have suppressed the media with legal threats.

"They insist that the Scottish people have to be kept in the dark about this," he says.


Here`s a blast from the past

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