Sunday, 9 April 2017

The fake curriculum

"Learning and teaching are at the heart of an effective curriculum. We now know much more about how children and young people learn and it’s imperative that we all understand that how we teach is as important as what we teach."

"Establishments will have an increased focus on the science of learning, including  multiple intelligences, how the brain works,
critical thinking skills, gender in education and different learning styles."

So says Gasgow City Council Education Services [2009] and time is proving them wrong.

"Teaching children according to their individual `learning style` does not achieve better results and should be ditched by schools in favour of evidence-based practice, according to leading scientists."
"Thirty eminent academics from the worlds of neuroscience, education and psychology have signed a letter to the Guardian voicing their concern about the popularity of the learning style approach among some teachers."
"They say it is ineffective, a waste of resources and potentially even damaging as it can lead to a fixed approach that could impair pupils’ potential to apply or adapt themselves to different ways of learning."
"The group opposes the theory that learning is more effective if pupils are taught using an individual approach identified as their personal `learning style`. Some pupils, for example, are identified as having a `listening` style and could therefore be taught with storytelling and discussion rather than written exercises."
"The letter describes that approach as `one of a number of common neuromyths that do nothing to enhance education`. It is signed by Steven Pinker, Johnstone family professor of psychology at Harvard University; Dorothy Bishop, professor of developmental neuropsychology at the University of Oxford; and leading neuroscientist Prof Uta Frith of University College London among others." 

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