Friday, 28 April 2017

New legislation for Named Person expected in June

"Deputy first minister John Swinney made it clear in a statement to the Scottish Parliament ... that the Scottish Government will continue its efforts to bring the child protection measure into law."

"Last July, the Supreme Court ruled against the legislation, citing concerns about information sharing."

"However, crucially, in its judgement it confirmed that providing a named person as a point of contact and support for every child and their family would not breach human rights."

"Opponents, who had appealed to the court, claimed the ruling had holed the legislation below the waterline and called for it to be completely sunk..."

"Swinney said: `The Scottish Government remains absolutely committed to the named person service as a way to support children and their families. It ensures early support is available for all families because it’s simply impossible to predict if or when they might need extra help`."


In answer Lesley Scott, Scottish officer of the Tymes Trust, had this to say:

"We are already well down the early interventionist road that puts statutory duties on practitioners to interfere in the lives of families based on nothing more than their own subjective worries. Wellbeing as a basis for intervention offers the state a pseudo-scientific authority by which to enforce actions on families against arbitrary and subjective measures that fulfil the state’s objectives regardless of personal freedoms and rights."

"If the Scottish Government is being accurate in its claims of state guardians being voluntary and an entitlement then make it an opt-in service."

"Better yet Mr Swinney, scrap the whole thing and show the parents of Scotland that you truly believe they are the best people to raise their own children."

Martin Crewe of Barnardo`s comments and there is an interesting response to his remarks after the article.


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