Monday, 17 April 2017

Family compensated because of resentful social worker

"Like many single mothers, teacher Sophie Baxter has sometimes found bringing up her four-year-old daughter Talia a struggle without a network of relatives nearby."

"Nevertheless, she impressed those who knew her with her devotion to her daughter`s wellbeing and development, taking the time to teach Talia to play the piano and ensuring she had a wide vocabulary."

June Barney social worker
"But when she came into contact with a `resentful` social worker in 2012, Sophie felt she was being `targeted` precisely because of those middle-class values and was devastated when her daughter was suddenly taken away based on false evidence."

"In a Kafkaesque case to terrify any parent, innocent facts were twisted and exaggerated, while everyday aspects of Sophie and Talia’s family life became, in the hands of social worker June Barney, 41, another weapon in a misguided campaign to wrest a child from her mother."

"Telling her story for the first time since being awarded a five-figure sum for being separated from her child, Sophie reveals how she was accused of being an overly pushy parent with an alcohol problem who had threatened to kill herself and her daughter."

"But none of this was true. In fact she was a dedicated, if anxious, mother who simply wanted to do the best for her only child."

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