Thursday, 13 April 2017

Defects found at 71 more Scottish schools

"At least 71 more schools in Scotland were found to have similar defects to Edinburgh schools judged to be unsafe, a BBC investigation has found."

"Concerns were raised after 17 schools in the capital were shut following a wall collapse at Oxgangs Primary in January last year."

"Since then defects have been found at dozens of schools in 15 council areas."

"While most of the buildings have now been repaired, work on six of them is still to be completed."

"And fears have been voiced that there could be similar problems at other buildings constructed under public-private partnership (PPP) schemes like hospitals and care homes."

"Problems first came to light when hundreds of bricks weighing a total of nine tonnes were blown from a wall at Oxgangs Primary School in Edinburgh during Storm Gertrude..."

"Glasgow was the area where the most work had to be done, with 23 schools affected, including 22 built through PPP programmes and one under design-and-build..."

"Elsewhere, there were five in Aberdeenshire, four in Angus, five in Argyll and Bute, two in Clackmannanshire, three in Dundee, four in East Lothian, two in Fife, three in Inverclyde, one in North Lanarkshire, 10 in South Lanarkshire, three in Stirling and three in West Lothian... "

"Prof Alan Dunlop, a fellow of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland and a visiting professor at Robert Gordon University, said the potential scale of the issue was `frightening`."

"He said: `The PPP financing process was not only used for schools, it was also used for hospitals and a number of public buildings, care homes, things like that. I'm wondering, if they found a similar problem in schools, are other things happening in other building type that have been used and building under PPP?`"
"Scotland`s Education Secretary John Swinney told the Good Morning Scotland programme that since the establishment of the Scottish Futures Trust in 2007, the construction methods used to build schools had changed and that no school built since then had suffered the defects associated with the previous system`."

Mm Mm...

Even if true, Mr John Swinney, and by true I mean that buildings are designed differently now -  safer now in fact  - that does not address the financial scam, does it?

Public private partnerships (and their derivatives) have a very interesting history and are being pushed by the United Nations in the interests of the world`s population we are led to believe.

It`s another lie.

There are so many.


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