Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Council contracts out more joined up care

"The council and Virgin Care have said that the contract aims to deliver a more joined up health and care system. Virgin Care’s business case document which contains no explicit discussion of social work functions mentions services having a single call centre, as well as creating integrated health and social care ‘hubs’ based around GP surgeries, but it is unclear as yet how these would work."

They will work by sharing adults` private data with the hubs.

Then the elderly, who are considered vulnerable enough to be taken advantage of, will be shuffled off to care homes and their houses sold in order to pay for their forced incarceration. This is how it will work.

Next stop will be the children.

"The LaingBuisson report is well worth a read. Its international comparisons reveal that nowhere else apart from England does the state look to contract out crucial assessments and decision-making about the safety and protection of children. The report also shows how much of children’s social services, such as children’s homes (66%), foster care (47%) and social workers (14%), are already provided through independent, largely profit-making, companies."

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