Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Judge rules baby`s life support can be switched off

"DYING Charlie Gard’s heartbroken parents screamed `no` and sobbed as a judge decided his life support can be switched off to let him `die with dignity`."

"Devastated Chris Gard and Connie Yates broke down as they lost their battle to keep the eight-month-old, who has a rare genetic condition, alive The Sun reports."

"The couple, from west London, said the youngster should be sent to the US for experimental treatment that could extend his life."

"But judges at the High Court went against their wishes on Tuesday instead ruling his life support machine can be turned off."

"The couple said they were `devastated` by the decision and were struggling to understand why the judge didn’t give him the `chance of treatment`."

"Medics at Great Ormond Street Hospital had argued it was time to stop providing treatment for little Charlie and move him onto a palliative care routine."

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  1. Researching Reform:

    "It’s something we’ve seen in other high profile cases, such as the now infamous story of Ashya King, whose parents took him abroad for pioneering treatment against UK doctors’ wishes. (Ashya is now cancer free and back at school). In this case too, UK doctors played down any success the treatment might have and tried to convince the court that the treatment would not work."

    "In Charlie Gard’s case, medical professionals told the court that even if treatment was allowed, the end result would be so minimal as to be outweighed by what would remain a very poor quality of life. A view not based in any tangible evidence, because treatment on someone like Charlie has never been attempted..."

    "Given that the parents have managed to raise all the funds necessary to have the treatment, and that medical professionals have conceded that Charlie could travel to America for the pioneering therapy, it seems unbelievably reckless to deny Charlie and his parents this chance."