Thursday, 6 April 2017

Child care professionals have seized children on the run

"A Mum has been arrested on suspicion of abduction after she went missing with her sons for 11 days."

"Samantha Baldwin, 42, sparked a massive manhunt when she vanished with her kids, Louis, nine, and six-year-old Dylan ..."

"The kids are now in the care of child care professionals, Nottinghamshire cops said..."

"Shortly after she went missing, two women, aged 62 and 36, arrested on suspicion of assisting Samantha ... were released on police bail..."

"Meanwhile Samantha`s supporters set up a Justgiving page that the mum-of-two is a `kind and caring person`."

"Friends and supporters of Samantha Baldwin raised more than [£3,000] to help with her legal fees when she is found."

Unfortunately, it is going to take a wee bit more than £3,000 to get the children disentangled from the state which has an endless amount of taxpayers` money to throw at the situation.

Being hunted by a whole nation is no small thing. The question is, why did such a traumatising event in the lives of these children get started in the first place and what is going to happen to them?

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