Friday, 21 April 2017

A few Announcements

There was another announcement about VAXXED on yesterday`s UK Column News. The location of the film will be put out on the day, 27 April 2017, it is to be shown in London in order to avoid harassment from government sources.

Brian Gerrish then gave some advertising time to the new Holliiegreigjustice website... The previous site was taken down, it would appear, by the Scottish government putting pressure on Google.  Gerrish wondered whether it was just a coincidence that the website got taken down within a couple of weeks of an election being called.

"Something in it? We don`t know."

"And remember that Portland Communications is the firm that Google is using to advise it; and Portland Communications headed up by a man previously very close to Tony Blair; so strong government connections. And go have a look at this website because on it it`s got an update of the trial - the Heather Capital trial - where huge amounts of money disappeared from a hedge fund and unfortunately that hedge fund was linked to Peter Watson of Levy & McRae solicitors, law firm, the very firm that started to threaten people in Scotland to get them to close down any sites talking about Hollie Greig; and of course the very man who phoned UK Column to attempt to pressurise us into dropping our reporting on Hollie Greig.  I`m pleased to say we never did."

"And we`ll also give this up and coming site some air time. This is Fresh Start Foundation and this is an initiative by Andy Peacher who`s been working extremely hard to expose child abuse over many years - a big event on Wednesday 3rd May. So that`s coming up at the Station Hotel, 1 Leonard Street in Perth."

"Get on the website and if you`re able to go to that, there`s some really excellent speakers and Andy and the other people there of course will be very glad to see you."

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