Saturday, 25 March 2017

The lucky primary school teacher who never got caught

"Like Reid and her Northern Irish friend Michaella McCollum, Mairi found herself involved in the Peruvian drug industry. Unlike Reid and McCollum Mairi ... never got caught."

"In fact she made enough money to buy a two bedroom house in Glasgow’s well-heeled West End."

"It's been five years since she left Peru, and she's about to qualify as a primary school teacher..."

"Prison never really scared her: `At the time prison seemed like the least scary option. Peru wasn’t very friendly to a little white girl selling drugs`."

"Mairi decided to leave Peru and come back home when a new government made it more restrictive for foreigners to run businesses."

"Mairi makes clear she is not recommending life as a drug dealer in Latin America."

"`It makes an interesting story, but no. An enormous part of it was how lucky I was`."

"The political situation has changed since she was there."

It`s not a pleasant story.

Potential named person ?

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