Saturday, 11 March 2017

The commonwealth: route to the one world order

The Commonwealth featured once again in the UK Column news on Friday when Brian Gerrish introduced Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth.

He continued reading from the website: "Uniting a family of Nations in common purpose and understanding around the world. So here it is being taken in one location but as we`re about to see this is actually quite a massive agenda."

"So you`re invited to join the deputy town mayor, councillor Paul Burgess and councillors to the raising of the Commonwealth Flag.
Well, what is all this about?"

"We took a quick look at the website and we certainly encourage other people to have a look. Well these are not actually Baroness Scotland`s words; they`re words that have been taken from the documentation around this, but it says: Now is the perfect time to celebrate the true value of the Commonwealth as an increasingly multi-cultural world seeks unity, understanding and tolerance."

"So I found that quite fascinating that somebody thinks that, all of a sudden, now is the right time to be driving towards the Commonwealth agenda. Could it be that we`ve got the claim of Brexit - so the European Union hasn`t quite worked - we`re now going to switch the public mind to the Commonwealth? Now I think that is what is happening but who was the man Brunno Peek behind this website?"

"Well here he is."

"You`ve just got to go and have a look at this because this astonishing man has been working on major events; he`s the pageantry master; he`s been doing this for thirty years. He says that he was adopted very early on and then brought up by foster parents. He`s Polish by origin but he seems to be arranging every major event in the country... I`ve never heard of him before... I`m fascinated ... because I`d like to know who he is. So do have a read at that page which has got quite a lot of detail about him."

"Well we can bring in this bit because I found it fascinating that if we go back to 1992 we had Beacon Europe, not `Beacon Commonwealth` or `Raise the Flag for the Commonwealth`. We had Beacon Europe, European Unity Celebrations. So he did a really good job there, celebrating the unity of the European Union and now that hasn`t worked; now he`s hard at work on celebrating the Commonwealth."

"So let`s re-focus and re-frame the public into the next - and I`m calling it scam - which is uniting the world via common purpose and the Commonwealth."

"So here`s a bit more. This is the Charter, signed by the queen herself but if you actually look through what it`s talking about:
world unity, inclusiveness, law and order, common purpose, children - always a popular topic - and this is linking in with what you mentioned because when we talk about the power of the Commonwealth they`re boasting here of 2.5 billion people and the interconnected networks. So this is very much seen as a power base."

"And if you have a look at some more of the detail, this made me highly suspicious because we`re back into the same old thing: Our aim for 2017 is to engage with our young people, the future of the Commonwealth through schools and youth organisations. And it was only yesterday, Mike, that we were talking about Big Society capturing the minds of the youngsters in U.K."

"Well this was a picture on the gentleman`s website. It caught my eye, and of course ... here we`ve got upstanding figures, the role model for our children, Elton John, whoever he is. But actually that wasn`t the real problem with this little gathering because over here I spotted a gentleman I recognised and it was none other than convicted child abuser Rolf Harris. So these are the type of people that this organisation is pushing for our children to follow, in particular to get them locked into this Commonwealth plan."

"So what`s coming here? I think this is the rules based international order -  the new name for the new world order or the one world system of government - and I`ll just end on this note which is the Plymouth Herald saying that wolves are about to be reintroduced into the wild. Now if you read the article, that`s not quite true because ... what`s happening here is that wolves are going into a park but basically the re-wilding of the country is all to do with Agenda 21 and that takes us back into this one world system of government."

"So I think we`re well on the way to this rules based international order, Mike. and it seems the Commonwealth is the primary route with the European Union simply pushed to one side."

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