Saturday, 4 March 2017

Mum calls for education officials to stop discriminating against her son

The Highland Council that the Scottish government keeps crowing about is still failing children:


"Youngster Daniel Gourlay was restricted to just one hour per week at Inshes Primary School for the past three years."

"The nine-year-old was even kept away from his last sports day."

"His mother Barbara Irvine is now calling for education officials to stop `discriminating` against her son and allow him the right to a full-time education."

"Daniel has been diagnosed with pathological demand avoidance."

"It means he is unable to cope in a mainstream environment, as change, loud noises and large groups can cause him to become distressed."

"As he is not classed as having learning difficulties he does not meet the criteria for a place at a dedicated special needs school."

"His education, until this month, was restricted to just one hour a week at Inshes Primary, which has an additional needs base."

"His schooling has recently been increased to two hours a week one hour on a Tuesday and another on a Friday."

"Ms Irvine said: `Two hours a week is nothing. Daniel wants to go to school like his brother and sister. He’s a bright boy`."

Doesn`t the `A` in S H A N A R R I mean `achieving` and the `I`  in S H A N A R R I  mean `included` ?

Or is this just meaningless gibberish ?

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