Friday, 17 March 2017

No data for `outstanding` free schools

"Almost 40 new free schools have received `outstanding` judgements from Ofsted and exemption from future inspection before they achieved any formal results, a TES analysis has revealed."

"Inspectors have judged 43 new mainstream free schools `outstanding`. However, all but five of these schools were inspected before they had pupils in all year groups and before they had exam or test results."

"Critics are concerned about this absence of performance data for schools that could now have `outstanding` judgments in perpetuity, due to Ofsted's inspection exemption rule for top-rated schools."

"`People complain that the whole inspection judgement is too data-driven,` said Robert Coe, professor of education at Durham University. `But we don’t have any data for new schools. I think that’s a problem`."

"`We know that schools change. After two-to-three years of existence, the stability of a school is less than schools that are up and running. You’d want to check again, once they’ve been running for longer`."

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