Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Great Moot Of Nottingham


By Justin Walker, British Constitution Group

"My patience is exhausted. My colleagues are right. The political party system in Britain today is simply an affront to the electorate as it works completely against truly accountable and representative democracy, not to mention transparency and simple common sense. To use a phrase favoured by MPs today, it is just ‘not fit for purpose’. It is broken! "

Corporate and vested interests meet the Bradbury Pound:

"It is a system of closed and ultimately controlled governance that deliberately prevents the provable truth from being allowed to come out; it is a system that wholly protects the corporate and vested interests of the City of London (The Crown Corporation) at the expense of our national overall prosperity and well-being; and worst of all, it is a system which deliberately hides and shields the institutional abuse of children – and if anyone has doubts about this, just look at how MPs have refused point blank to help in the case of Melanie Shaw. This is a classic case of where the paedophile protecting Establishment has closed ranks on an extremely vulnerable and now wrongly incarcerated woman whose only crime is that she ‘knows too much’ about what’s really going on within the higher echelons of our political class."

"But why is it now that I have finally lost my patience with these party-serving politicians when so many of my fellow campaigners had already done so a long time ago? Well, despite all the evidence to the contrary, it’s because I still believed that there were good and honourable people within parliament who would do the decent thing when confronted with undeniable evidence about what was really happening to our country. Two of those people were Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell."

Unfortunately Justin was soon to be disappointed.

It is a good article with links to his e-books about the Bradbury Pound which he sees as a sensible way for the country to get out of its economic woes.

He is also encouraging people to get along to the Great Moot of Nottingham. See his article for more details.

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