Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Significant rise in gender identity issues

"SCOTLAND'S only specialist NHS service to help children with gender identity issues has seen a "significant rise" in referrals over the past decade, including helping youngsters aged under five.

The Gender Identity Clinic, based at the Sandyford clinic in Glasgow, supports under-18s across Scotland who are experiencing transgender feelings."

"It assists parents and children by offering assessment and counselling services and youngsters over the age of 16 can be offered hormone treatment to delay puberty. Sex-change operations are only available to adults over the age of 18."

Gender identity issues are covered in sex education at school which may account for the significant rise in referrals. Whatever the case may be, raising the issue in school is bound to have some impact.

As for pre-school children, how anyone can diagnose a child under five with a gender issue, I do not know. At that age children play act and can be whatever they want to be. How does that turn into a problem?

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