Monday, 6 April 2015

10 deaths at two overstretched maternity units


"Mums and families have reacted in horror after the M.E.N. revealed how seven babies and three mums died on two maternity units in the space of just eight months."

"Bosses at Oldham Royal and North Manchester General Hospitals called in outside experts to review the departments in light of the 10 tragedies, we reported yesterday."

"M.E.N. readers who have given birth at the two hospitals have inundated our Facebook page with their ‘horrible’ and ‘shocking’ experiences."
"Many praised the hard-working staff on the wards but called for bosses to hire more clinicians as the departments were so overstretched."

"Elaine Langhorn said: "I had an awful experience at North Manchester, I was very lucky that myself and my daughter lived to tell the tale. Complications due to incompetence, staffing levels and being left alone or with inexperienced trainees."

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