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Peter Hayman file hidden for more than thirty years

If you're a parent, you NEED to SHARE this...** EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ** - THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL SO THAT EVERYONE IN THE UK KNOWS THAT THIS GOVERNMENT IS SPECIFICALLY HIDING FILES RELATING TO PAEDOPHILE RINGS IN WESTMINSTER IN ORDER TO TRY AND STOP US REBELLING. THESE PEADOPHILE RINGS CROSS OVER EVER PUBLIC POSITION OF AUTHORITY IN THIS LAND... FROM LORDS; TO MP's; POLICE OFFICERS; JUDGES; BARRISTERS; SOCIAL WORKERS ETC... IT'S SICKENING WHAT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING... AND PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO COVER IT UP!!!!!!!!! :-(SO IF YOU DO *ONE* THING TODAY, PLEASE ***SHARE THIS SHORT VIDEO*** SO PEOPLE ARE AWARE. WE NEED EVERYONE TO KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING.WHEN CHILDRENS 'CHARITIES' ARE NOT PUSHING FOR MORE TRANSPARENCY... YOU THEN HAVE TO START QUESTIONING WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON... :-/ISPCC Childline HAS BEEN HEAVILY CRITICISED FOR FAILING TO REPORT WIDESPREAD ORGANISED ABUSE IN SCHOOLS AND CHILDRENS HOMES ACROSS THE UK... IN 2006 CHILDLINE MERGED WITH THE NSPCC, ANOTHER CHILDRENS CHARITY THAT HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF 'NOT DOING ENOUGH' TO EXPOSE CHILD ABUSE... NOT TO MENTIONS ITS LINKS TO THE PAEDOPHILE / NECROPHILIAC Jimmy Saville ***** THE GOVERNMENT IS REFUSING TO NAME THE TITLES OF FOUR SECRET DOCUMENTS THAT COULD HOLD VITAL INFORMATION FOR THE CHILD ABUSE INQUIRIES ***WE NEED YOU, THE PEOPLE TO *SHARE THIS* SO THAT WE CAN GET EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE UK TO SEE WHAT'S GOING ON.It comes less than 24 hours after Home Secretary Theresa May promised that Government departments would be more transparent... She's a hypocritical liar and we can't trust her at all.On Wednesday the Cabinet Office's Francis Maude MP said: "Officials have identified four additional relevant files, one of which was marked for destruction pending further checks by the Cabinet Office and The National Archives."These files are being shared with the inquiry, the Hart inquiry, the relevant departments, and the Metropolitan Police Service."However the names of the four new files are not being shared with the public.When approached by Sky News to release the titles of the documents the Cabinet Office refused, saying "they are confidential files".While the content of the files may be sensitive, refusing to reveal the names means the public has no way of tracking which files they are or how they are now dealt with.Campaigner Marilyn Hawes, founder of Enough Abuse UK, told Sky News: "Political parties and those in power just don't get it."Enough is enough and we the public are not tolerating this anymore. Westminster need to show the public and the abused some respect."The Cabinet Office ARE KEEPING FILES AWAY FROM US ON THE GROUNDS OF "NATIONAL SECURITY"... MEANING... If we uncover what's REALLY happening in parliament with these peadophiles that are currently running our country... Then The UK Revolution... Will be inevitable... They'd be uproar...After the 'good eggs' Tom Watson, Jim Hood MP and Simon Danczuk raised the issues of these paedophiles in the House of Commons, Government officials were forced to release some documents to the National Archives...The former British diplomat Peter Hayman was revealed as the subject of the new secret file - the papers documented his "unnatural" sexual behaviour... THIS ABUSE IS IN ALL GOVERNMENTS ACROSS THE WORLD... MORE INFORMATION IS BEING RELEASED DAILY SHOWING THE HUGE WEB OF SATANIC RITUALS THAT THESE SICK BEINGS ENGAGE IN... Crucially the file, along with the four newly discovered ones, was not handed over to the Wanless Review...This is a Home Office sanctioned review led by NSPCC boss Peter Wanless that searched for official documents which may be relevant to the child abuse inquiries... Ms Hawes added: "Of all organisations the NSPCC should push for the disclosure of the four 'newly' found files and should be leading from the front for those who have, are and will suffer from child abuse."Justice Goddard is past Chair of the Independent Police Conduct Authority and now sits in the Wellington High Court. Officially, she has overseen significant change, as the Authority publicly portrayed itself as a transparent investigative and reviewing agency of serious complaints against the Police. The reality is different. Justice Goddard held up and concealed a number of serious complaints against police. Many have never been made public. An infamous example of one which has is police prevention of a peaceful protest against a 1999 trip to New Zealand by the Chinese President. Goddard’s report, while agreeing with the Internal Affairs finding that the police action was unjustified, was not issued until eight years later.When deputy Solicitor General, Lowell Goddard refused to release evidence that former judge Michael Lance was guilty of perverting justice in a police prosecution of his son Simon’s business partner, claiming it was not in the public interest to allow the prosecution. The police inspector at the time sought release of the file, which Goddard and John McGrath refused. Judge Lance later became Goddard’s deputy judge at the IPCA – demonstrating a level of audacity which is rare, even by New Zealand standards. Lance retired in disgrace shortly afterward when it was reported he was keying cars parked in front of his Takapuna apartment. (Lance was prosecuted in a judge alone trial in 2010 and let off by Judge Kevin Phillips. British tourists who witnessed the offending and returned to give evidence were deemed untrustworthy by the trial Judge).Insiders concede the IPCA became a more opaque and political agency under Justice Goddard, with legal exemptions asserted to prevent disclosures of information under the Official Information Act and Privacy Act. Much of the agency’s work is cloaked by tight secrecy.Justice Goddard is believed to be the first Maori woman to have served as a High Court Judge. She has also sat as a member of the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal.As a lawyer, Justice Goddard defended and prosecuted in a number of homicide and other serious criminal trials, and acted as counsel assisting tribunals and Commissions of Inquiry, including the Cartwright inquiry into allegations concerning the treatment of cervical cancer at National Women’s Hospital in New ZealandIn 2009, Justice Goddard gave a speech to the Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference. An abstract of her speech is provided immediately below this profile.Lawyers who appear before Justice Lowell Goddard generally have little regard for her as a judge who is willing to conform to law or to rule consistent with relevant facts. They are far more impressed with her impeccable dress and makeup.Justice Goddard scored dead last in the 2014 survey of New Zealand judges, with many lawyers dismissing her competency and hypocritical stances in support of human rights.In early 2015, Goddard was appointed to head a United Kingdom inquiry into child sexual abuses after two previous appointees resigned under pressure. The Guardian cited Goddard’s experience with similar cases in New Zealand. Perhaps more telling was Goddard’s response to the Guardian, “The inquiry will be long, challenging and complex.”THIS WOMAN IS NOT THE PERSON WE WANT LEADING THIS INVESTIGATION!!!! PLEASE SHAREAnonymous #OpDeathEaters
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