Friday, 3 April 2015

Authorities lied about child neglect

"A woman who was wrongly arrested over claims she had neglected her Downs Syndrome daughter has appeared on This Morning to talk about her traumatic experience."

"Val Cadman-Kahn was taken in by police and questioned for child neglect in 2008 after it was claimed she'd left her child in the back garden by herself."

"The mother was handcuffed in front of her scared and crying Down's Syndrome daughter, and taken to the police station for questioning."

"Seven years later, Val has won her wrongful arrest suit after a court heard how a police officer lied to authorities in order to justify arresting the mother of five."

"My daughter Aimee was playing outside in 2008," Val explains. "And suddenly there was this policeman at the door."

"He said he was arresting me for child neglect. He said I had left Aimee outside for 45 minutes and that she was turning purple."

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