Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Early Action Task Force wants early intervention as a matter of urgency

"A group of political analysts, including a former adviser to David Cameron, is calling on the next government to prioritise early intervention as a matter of urgency. Early help for children displaying challenging behaviour is one idea put forward by experts."

"The latest report from Community Links-led group Early Action Task Force argues that Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have so far failed to effectively promote the importance of intervening earlier to support families and children."

"Among the contributors to the report, called One Hundred Days For Early Action is Danny Kruger, who worked for Cameron in opposition and now runs Only Connect, a charity for people at risk of offending, calls for the public sector to shift to being a “preventer” of problems rather than clearing them up." [So is Danny Kruger an independent expert ? ]

"Community Links founder and chair of the taskforce, David Robinson said: “The support which has been expressed by the three main political parties for the principle of early action isn’t enough – it’s time for all political leaders to commit to adopting a preventative approach in their manifesto promises and then turn those words into action in government."

From One Hundred Days For Early Action:

"The Institute for Fiscal Studies estimate that 45% of the planned fiscal tightening will be still to come when the new Government is elected (£92bn). They will inherit a country of escalating needs, diminishing resources and an alarming direction of travel."

To address these needs some experts in the report suggest:
  • parenting classes
  • incredible years group training
  • an early action social security system
  • troubled youth programme
  • spend and tax to deliver better outcomes, not to perpetuate existing public services and the current welfare system.
  • schools for life initiative, including training in resilience
  • working with voluntary and community sectors
  • training to work programme
  • incentives to increase house sharing
  • reducing food poverty by a public campaign to "grow your own food and reduce food waste."

Early interventions serve a bigger purpose than helping young children with challenging behaviour. In the report, the Welsh Government`s Future Generations Bill is congratulated for blazing a trail.

That trail leads to the United Nations Agenda 21 as do the above proposals by the experts in the report.

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