Thursday, 30 April 2015

Another eugenics piece by the Daily Mail: sterilisation on the NHS for the twenties

"Since I’ve never wanted children and firmly believe I never will, the clear solution to me is sterilisation, which these days is a relatively quick procedure under local anaesthetic."

"That recent trip to my GP is not the first time I’ve asked. In fact, I’ve made the request to be sterilised every year since I was 26 — I’m now 29 — and have been refused every time."

"I can’t even get a referral. The response is always: ‘You’re far too young to take such a drastic decision.’..."

"It also doesn’t help that I’ve seen the reality of life with children. I was at home when my little brother and sister were young and I’ve seen how much drudgery was involved: non-stop cooking, washing and cleaning."

"For some, that work is completely worth it, and I have nothing but respect for people who slave away day and night to give their children a good life."

"But if you’ve got no innate desire to raise children, it’s not worth the sacrifice. Nonetheless, parents continually try to persuade me to join the club. ‘My kids are my life!’ they say... and I shudder."

"I want my own life. [For the big corporations. ] I want a career, money, time and energy. I want to be Holly, not Mummy. I want to be able to travel and say ‘yes’ to opportunities without worrying about school catchment areas or baby-sitters..."
"The fact is, I’ve spent far longer thinking about not having children than most people do about having them. I’ve considered every aspect, including what will happen if I change my mind." (I really don’t see why I couldn’t foster or adopt).

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By all means it should be the case that every woman has a right to decide for herself what she will do with her reproductive capacity. There are several means to do that. But ....

This utterly selfish woman is quite prepared to contemplate that at some time in her future she might adopt or foster a child. In other words, without any understanding of the psychological and biological connections between the mother and her child, she is prepared to accept a child from a weeping mother who resists her child being taken from her. Because that is the only child she will get these days.

Meanwhile state agencies are making that easier for her, and her ilk.

Some people may think eugenics is too strong a word for this. Actually, I believe that word is not strong enough.

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