Friday, 17 January 2014


An article in the Independent refers to the film Philomena which portrays the life of Philomena Lee who campaigned against forced adoptions in Ireland which young women out of wedlock were pressured into by the Catholic Church.

One woman comments on the article:
I an adoptee taken from my birth mother at birth in Ireland was horrific. My birth mom was transferred to "repent for sins" in laundries a few weeks after my birth. I was left behind where she birthed me and then sold when I was nearing 5 years old to USA family. I was told right off and knew I was a stranger in a new world at that age. I looked and talked different than any "new family members" and of course being locked up for almost 5 years fed soup and bread and in a 1 frock everyday I was lost and had a hard time adjusting. All the love and care from new family couldn't take away the "digging" in my heart for years that "I don't think I belong here or am wanted here".
The nuns told my new parents that I was abandoned by my birth mom and left at doorstep of convent but in good health". My parents just wanted a companion for there biological daughter and I was the "little package they got for a fee". They got there money and I had years and years of trying to figure out who the heck I was. I had issues and fears and insecurities no little girl should have or carry for most of her life. The Irish government denied my existence--would not give me any birth certificate or where abouts of family or health history for over 18 years. I finally through great lengths and many barriers got my birth mothers name and a wonderful link on internet found my birth mother within a year and I was reunited in 2002 with birth mom and large family that even looked like me.
 I received health history and story from my birth mother of how it broke her heart that I was taken away from her. Her heart was broken and she had to tell clergy she would never contact me or seek me out for as long as she lived. My birth mother also believed the clergy when they told her "you have been a disgrace to the church and to your family and no one wants you and you best stay with us and work off your sins". My mother was locked up in laundries for 43 years. Got out in 1993 after years of my family begging her to get out but she felt to ashamed to leave the institution. I was reunited with her and my family embraced me and still does with much love and care. My birth mom passed in 2009 and like the clergy wanted her torture and hard labor for them will go unspoken by her--for they died with her. But the church lost there demand that we not meet. Through perseverance and help with adoption link on computer I was having tea and hugging my mom for many years before her death. I saw her 2-3 times a year for 7 years and was with her when she got ill and was with her when she passed. She will forever be in my heart. For she is truly a part of my heart. No one can take that away from me ever.

More about Philomena Lee and her campaign to have secret adoption files released is recounted in the BBC article HERE

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