Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Don`t kiss Granny if you don`t want to

Lucy Emmerson, coordinator of the Sex Education Forum, has been criticised after suggesting on the online sex education resource for teachers that children should not be forced to give granny a peck on the cheek as it may do them harm. Rather, children should be encouraged to blow a kiss, high-five or wave to a relative instead. Her proposal is that children need to learn from the very beginning the importance of consent and that their bodies are their own. Family campaigners immediately dismissed her ideas.
Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust, said: ‘Even if the distinction is lost on the Sex Education Forum, children and young people are able to recognise that there is all the difference in the world between self-consciously– and perhaps on occasion reluctantly – kissing an uncle or aunt on the cheek on the one hand, and accepting unwanted sexual advances on the other.’

It is interesting to see who the sex obsessed core members of the SexEducation Forum are. There have been a proliferation of such charities, not-for-profit limited companies, providers and researchers: Examining some of their backgrounds it is often difficult to see where they think they get their expertise in family matters from. For instance, being the National AIDS Trust or the Family Planning Association does not give them expertise in family relationships.

The Core Members of the Sex Education Forum
NationalAIDSTrust (NAT): .


 Accord Coalition 


The National PSHE CPD Programme, provided by Babcock 4S
 BISH Training .
 CWP Resources (The Christopher Winter Project)
Cornwall Learning .
Esteem Resource Network 
 National PSE Association for advisers, inspectors and consultants 
 PSHE Association 
 Romance Academy.
 The RSE Hub 

 Services for Education 


 Straight Talking 
 Tender .
Teaching Lifeskills 
 Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust (sexual Health Service) 




The NCB, one of the core members, reported on their website that the new survey conducted by the Sex Education Forum, based at the National Children`s Bureau (NCB), found that children and young people are not being taught about consent in school...
The survey results, released to coincide with the publication of a new resource for teachers on consent, showed that many young people did not know that under-16's are entitled to receive confidential contraceptive and STI treatment; with less than half confident that a 15 year old could get a HIV test without a parent or carer being told, and only a third aware that a 14 year old could get contraception confidentially.
So whilst family relationships are being portrayed as dangerous we can see what this survey is really about - the relentless sexualisation of children, and the resources provided to teachers to assist with that.
Further into the National Children`s Bureau website we find this statement:

Elaine Simpson, Chair of NCB
Elaine joined Serco at the end of 2002 to run the then new large Education Walsall contract, which had been compulsorily outsourced to Serco. In 2004 she was promoted within Serco to the role of Managing Director of the Education business which grew well under her leadership. Before leaving Serco in July 2012, Elaine was Global Director of Children's Services, focussing on the capitalising of the many business opportunities available in the education and children's services market, enhancing and maintaining Serco's pre-eminent position in this market.
Prior to joining Serco she spent twenty-five years in Local Government working in senior roles across a number of North-West local education authorities in the UK. For the last five years of her time in Local Government she was in Sefton where she was Chief Education Officer.

Business opportunities in the education and children`s services market?  This gives the game away doesn`t it and explains the growing number of charities and other associations clustering around children ?

So does this statement:
We work with children and for children, to influence government policy...
Don`t they all?


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