Thursday, 16 January 2014

Mobile phone surveillance

Glasgow City Council boast that they will not be installing biometric technologies in schools although it is being used in Renfrewshire.

However it has come to the attention of parents in Glasgow that secondary pupils have been told that their mobile phones may be confiscated and teachers are allowed to examine their emails, texts and so on. On being informed that this is a breach of children`s right to privacy, one pupil protested and said that visitors to the school had explained to them that the rules had been changed.

These children are being lied to, if that is the case. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) gives children the right to privacy. Article 8 of the ECHR also gives children a right to a private and family life. However, there is no doubt that the Scottish Government is taking this away by stealth.

A report by Amnesty International on Scottish public authorities in September 2006 revealed that 65.5% of those surveyed either did not understand their duties under the Human Rights Act 1998 or could not provide evidence of steps taken to comply with those duties.  It should be noted that the law applies regardless of who is delivering the services. Seven years later and it seems teachers still do not understand children have human rights.
See `Our Kingdom Power & liberty in Britain` - Scotland`s secret files: a two part espose of the Scottish database state

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