Thursday, 9 January 2014

Glasgow needs more foster carers

It is no surprise to read the article in the Daily Record stating that the Glasgow City Council is urgently in need of more foster carers - but not for the reasons which are reported.

It is no surprise because all systems have been set in place via GIRFEC and the standardisation of child procedures across Scotland to allow early interventions (child protection procedures) to be initiated between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. So there are going to be many more babies and young children in the child protection system. It should be noted that babies and young children first need to go to foster carers whilst a case against the mother is formulated and the adoption process is rushed through its course.
See the previous post about the `Right from the start` scoping study which shows how GIRFEC is working in maternity care, pre-birth, and how nurses are celebrating the fact that court orders can be set up pre-birth.
The Daily Record article is no surprise because the Children`s Minister in Scotland is already on the record as stating that tangible progress in decision making about whether or not to take children into care means there will be a large increase in the proportion of younger children becoming looked after, and the doubling of adoptions from care - always easier for babies.

Aileen Campbell Children`s Minister for Scotland

   Here are snippets from the Daily Record article:.
Councillor Malcolm Cunning, executive member for social care, said: "The contribution that foster carers make to the well-being of children in Glasgow cannot be underestimated.
"We urgently need foster carers and adoptive parents as they play a vital role in supporting the vulnerable children of Glasgow.
"The number of children who need to be cared for by the council shows no sign of easing."
He stressed that more people are now able to become foster parents. [All you need is a spare bedroom]
A fostering agency has opened a new office in Glasgow to try to address the shortage. That is no surprise given the fact that the fostering and adoption business has just received a boost from GIRFEC and the Children`s Minister.

Matt Harrison, Foster Solutions’s regional service manager Scotland, said: "Our doors are open to all and we welcome everyone, whether they are an existing carer or just looking to find out some more information on foster care."

Welcome to GIRFEC and what this really means for the children of Scotland - they are now commodities in a growing industry. See the Daily Record article below:

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