Sunday, 19 January 2014

Family lawyer criticises MP`s dangerous advice to parents

John Hemming MP  chair of the family justice group, has been branded as irresponsible by a family lawyer for advising parents to flee the country. His view is that the system is so stacked against parents that they stand little chance of keeping their children if they are suspected of child abuse. ‘All the cards are held by the local authority. It has large resources to fight the cases – it does all the assessments,' he said.  As reported in The Law Society Gazette, the chairman of the Law Society`s family law committee disagrees.
... Naomi Angell said recent changes to speed up care cases had shifted the balance against parents, but described Hemmings’ comments as ‘irresponsible and dangerous’.
‘Local authorities have a duty to, and society demands, that they protect children at risk,’ said Angell.
Joe Burns, commenting on the article had this to say: 
So let me summarise; Someone who makes their living from what many say is a corrupt and unjust system, believes that the Honourable John Hemming MP is giving "Dangerous Advice"?  First of all it's interesting to note, that much of the dysfunction, corruption and miscarriages of justice that have occurred in your workplace, were exposed by Mr Hemming himself. Such scandals as;
The Italian tourist about to leave the UK when she suffered a panic attack because she didn't take her medication for fear that she would harm her unborn baby. The UK had 3 months to send her back to Italy but chose instead to cut her open and remove the baby 6 weeks early. The incident sent shockwaves around the world.
Or the EDL mother who "may" (or may not) harm her baby with her political beliefs that she once held as a teenager and no longer holds, she had to flee to Ireland along with her husband, a serviceman in the military who was also deemed unfit to look after his daughter as he has served in Afghanistan.
Fran Lyon, who fled the UK after she received a letter from a social worker she had never met and who knew nothing about her, stating that her baby would be removed at birth and adopted, she fled to Ireland where social services had no issues and continues to live happily with her daughter.
Mark & Nicky Webster, whose child was misdiagnosed as abused and lost 3 children to forced adoption even though vindicated by the criminal courts. Even after the vindication, were pursued to Ireland where they had fled to keep their fourth child...
And the excuse for the growing industry is that more children are "Protected", in what way exactly?
- 50% of prostitutes have been in "Care"
 - 50% of Young Offenders have been in "Care"
- 80% of Big Issue sellers have been in "Care"
- 50% of girls in "Care" are mothers within 2 years if they don't already have children and are then 66 TIMES more likely to have their children removed and placed in "Care".
- A child in "Care" is 3 times more likely to die that children in the general population and 6 times more likely to be sexually assaulted. And these are just the official Government statistics.
You have to wonder how people can decry the sins of the past as seen in movies like "Oranges & Sunshine", "Philomena" and "Magdalene Laundries" when these injustices continue today on a far larger scale than occurred years ago. You also have to wonder how people in the future will view the corrupt, unjust courts of today. I believe John Hemming's legacy will be that he was right all along.


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