Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Nordic model

"Anne Longfield has teamed up with West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner to explore the potential for a pilot ‘Barnahus’ or ‘Children’s House’ in West Yorkshire, to help victims of child sexual abuse." Children`s Commissioner
How many would have confidence in West Yorkshire Police, or this? 

"Barnahus (which literally means Children´s house) is ... [an] interdisciplinary and multiagency centre where different professionals work under one roof in investigating suspected child sexual abuse cases and provide appropriate support for child victims...."

According to the KnowledgeExchange blog the Barnahus model takes the joined-up-approach to a whole new level of intervention because "the Barnahus model involves ... interdisciplinary working between different teams and allows for a complete package of care and support for a child to be created to reflect their needs. Within the Barnahus centres there are normally facilities including medical rooms, interview rooms, courtrooms, and residential facilities for those young people deemed at risk and who need to be taken immediately into temporary residential care..."

No separation of powers there and particularly worrying given police whistleblower John Wedger`s testimony that these various bodies worked together to cover-up child sexual abuse in the London area and elsewhere; and then when the Home Office finally got his evidence, somehow they lost it.

Now this: "In 2017, in response to the success reported in the Nordic models, the UK government earmarked Police Innovation Funding of £7.15m to help establish and roll out a similar scheme in London, which would see criminal justice specialists working alongside social services, child psychologists and other services and, it is hoped, pave the way to create a UK-wide Barnahus model in the future."

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