Friday, 9 February 2018

Mendip House has been closed down

Steven Morris

"People with autism living in a care home in Somerset were taunted, bullied and humiliated by staff, a review has found."

"Workers at the home run by the National Autistic Society threw objects at residents and teased and swore at them, the report from the Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB) says."

"A whistleblower claimed one resident of Mendip House was slapped, forced to eat chillies and repeatedly thrown into a swimming pool."

"In another incident highlighted in the report, a staff member is said to have put a ribbon around a resident’s neck and ridden him `like a horse`. Concerns about a `laddish` culture were raised."

"When the home was investigated, inspectors found residents had been funding staff meals during outings and almost £10,000 had to be reimbursed..."

"Mendip House has been closed down and the residents, some of whom had lived there for many years, have been found new placements. Staff were disciplined and police investigated, but no criminal proceedings have been launched."

"The review draws parallels to the case of Winterbourne View, the private hospital near Bristol where people with severe learning difficulties were abused."

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