Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Global Agenda

Brian Gerrish asks the rhetorical question: "What does DAVOS and the G8 and the global leaders get up to?"

"Well actually it`s doing things like this. So here we`ve got a Guardian article: London Community School Teacher in last 10 for $1m global prize."

"So here she is, Andria Zafirakou and she`s been shortlisted from more than 30,000 people for a teaching award. So the article, when you get into it, looks fairly innocuous. But what you need to look for is this; where this award came from."

"And here we`ve got the Varkey Foundation and Sunny Varkey, founder and Executive Chairman of GEMS education group. He`s a passionate education entrepreneur. He`s also tightly connected to World Economic Forum but that would bring us roughly back into George Soros`s field, Microsoft, UNESCO and the Clinton Global Initiative."

"So we`ve got a schoolteacher in Britain who`s very happy because the Clintons and others have said `We like you.` And we`ll come on to why they like her in a minute.  But dig in and have a look at some of the people."
"Sir Michael [Lockett] has a portfolio of businesses that operate across the communications spectrum, centred around corporate, political and institutional leadership. In essence, everything which is needed to build, protect and sustain reputation." 
"During the 1992 General Election campaign, he assumed leadership of the Conservative Party’s presentation unit for Prime Minister John Major. After 15 years, his role concluded with the successful leadership campaign for Prime Minister David Cameron."

"So you think it`s a little award by an independent organisation. No no no. This is the British government with its finger in the pie so to speak."

"So they liked the teacher because she said that basically she`s got to welcome parents in 35 different languages to make them feel comfortable bringing their children into her school. So this is not about rewarding a teacher. This is about promoting global citizenship."  

"So here`s GEMS. You can have a look at that. I loved this image Mike of the little blue eyed blonde haired girl but only one eye showing ....And if we just add in a bit more here. What are they doing ? "
"From an international curriculum, to contact with our overseas schools all over the world. GEMS offer a truly global education, helping young people become well-informed world citizens." 

"So they liked the teacher because she said that basically she`s got to welcome parents in 35 different languages to make them feel comfortable bringing their children into her school. So this is not about rewarding a teacher. This is about promoting global citizenship and of course this man is at the back of it, Bill Gates."

"And this is what he says: `When you think about what drives progress and improvement in the world, education is like a master switch - one that opens up all sorts of opportunities for individuals and societies`..."

"And of course what he really meant was this: `one that opens up all sorts of opportunities for individuals like me and our society`. So we`re not to know who these illustrious, immensely wealthy leaders are pushing this policy through, but they`re going to do it by giving our schoolteachers awards to make them feel good."


Mike Robinson: "Right today we have Agenda 2030 for Children: End Violence Solutions Summit. in Stockholm. Penny Mordant was there, of course. Well what`s this all about ? This is the global partnership to end violence against children. It`s where all major stakeholder groups come together to focus their words, actions and resources on ending violence against children, a unique public private partnership for all actors to hold themselves to account and work together to prevent and respond to violence against children. Does that make sense?"

"Yes," says Brian Gerrish.

"OK. It includes governments, UN agencies, international organisations, civil society, faith groups, the private sector, philanthropic organisations, foundations - like Soros for example - research practitioners, academics and children themselves. So they`re meeting in Stockholm today.[14 Feb] They`re saying we`re issuing an urgent call to action bringing together governments, UN, civil society and so on ... and responding to violence against boys and girls during the first `End Violence Solutions` summit. It will be a crucial meeting in our common responsibility to combat violence against children."

"And they say that in 2015 world leaders acknowledged the severity of epidemic levels of violence against children and committed to end all forms of violence and exploitation of children by 2030 as part of the sustainable development goals in Agenda 2030 and this summit is a major milestone towards achieving that."

"As I said, Penny Mordant was there today giving a speech. She`s pledging £5 million of government funding - international development funding, - to help protect vulnerable children across the globe following allegations of sexual abuse by Oxfam in Haiti. Now of course £5 million that is a huge proportion of the billions of pounds that are made in profits by the people who do exploit children every year. So of course that`s going to have a major impact Brian. "

"No. Didn`t think so."

"The International Development secretary is going to announce that funding at this meeting. She`s also commenting on Oxfam and other charities saying:"
"Unless you [charities] create a culture that prioritises safety of vulnerable people and ensures victims and whistleblowers can come forward without fear... we will not work with you."

"So, hold on, this is Penny Mordant who works for Theresa May who`s the person who has made sure people are in prison for whistleblowing or are being hounded out of their jobs for whistleblowing and so on.  Anything to do with child sexual abuse, you`re going to end up in prison in solitary confinement or you`re going to be harassed and lose your job ...."

Brian Gerrish: "Well this is absolutely correct Mike and I can say that we know... accurately and for certain that Theresa May had a personal briefing about the despicable treatment of MET police whistleblower John Wedger - about a fifteen minute conversation with British Prime Minister Theresa May - to say that a policeman, who`d blown the whistle on the grooming, abuse and deaths of children in London, and the cover up by politicians, local authorities and charities - Theresa May personally briefed on it. It`s nothing."

Mike Robinson resumes: "Well, Penny Mordant then said that she`s going to deal with Oxfam by referring them to the National Crime Agency. She said that while investigations have to be completed and any potential criminal prosecuted accordingly what is clear is the culture that allows this to happen needs to change and it needs to change now."

"We will just remind Penny Mordant, and others of course, that - well what did the Chief Executive of Oxfam say? Basically, well, if you think we`re bad lots of the other organisations are much worse."

"So, this has got to be dealt with and we`ll keep an eye on that conference and report on it in due course."


Brian Gerrish then reports on a letter from child abuse survivor and whistleblower Melanie Shaw who remains in prison. The account begins about 33.45 minutes into the programme.

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