Wednesday, 28 February 2018

BBC reports on police whistleblower`s concerns

Published on 26 Feb 2018

Andy Collins on BBC

Sir Mike Penning backs Police Whistleblower campaign

"Hemel Hempstead MP Sir Mike Penning has given his full support to local recently-retired detective, Jon Wedger, in his campaign to change the law to protect police whistleblowers following his personal experience."

"Mr Wedger says he exposed a well organised and established child prostitution racket which he alleges was known to, but covered up by, senior officers in the Metropolitan Police. As a result, Mr Wedger claims he was subjected to serious bullying which led to him suffering PTSD and which, he feels, was designed to ultimately destroy him."

Sir Mike Penning MP said:

"I have supported Jon since day one for both exposing the horrendous child prostitution case that he believes was being covered up and also for his apparent appalling treatment since becoming a police whistleblower when his life was made a living hell."

"At the end of the day, all I want to see is the truth come out and I fully support his courageous efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice and in campaigning for a change in the law to better protect police whistleblowers."

"From talking to John it is clear that we need a truly independent organisation to help police whistleblowers. Once a police officer finds themselves in a position of being a whistleblower, they are truly on their own. It takes tremendous courage and bravery to pursue it, but this shouldn’t be the case."

His {John Wedger`s] JustGiving page can be found at


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